ALM Builders

Contact No: 03-9223 2010

ALM Builders Sdn. Bhd. is a developer and a contractor who is excellent in project management business with a hands-on approach to all aspects of the construction process. They have a wealth of professional experience amongst our local staff which is unmatched in Malaysia. Managing a construction project, regardless of the size, can be challenging even for the professionals.

At ALM Builders, they lighten our load by managing either the whole part of the project. They have managed and construct few developments from the initial design development phase through to handing over the property on-time and to specification.

ALM Builders manages details including working with architects to keep project cost down, contacting quality Contractors to inform them about the project, working with the contractors to maintain project schedule, processing contractor pay applications, and expediting owner occupancy permits through local and state agency.
ALM Builders current project includes the development of Empayar Mudzafar Park consisting of a Boutique Hotel (288 rooms) and a Ship (Floating Restaurant) with parks and 4 anchor Restaurants together with a SOHO Business Suites in MITC, Malacca amounting to RM220 millions and a mixed development for Maktab Teknik PDRM, Bakri Muar, Johor amounting RM160.0 millions.